GameLab Fall 2013 Pitch Finalists Selected for Live Presentations

Of the 22 game proposals reviewed by a small committee of four ATEC instructors and alumni, 12 have been selected for a live pitch. Pitches will be held Friday, March 22nd from 1:30-3:30 pm in the Jonsson Performance Hall, JO 2.604. Students will have five minutes to present their pitch, followed by no more than five minutes for additional questions from the selection committee and audience.

This year’s selection committee will be comprised of nine faculty members, graduate students, and industry alumni, who will select up to five games for production in Fall 2013. The committee includes Dr. Tim Christopher, Prof. Kyle Kondas, Skylar Rudin, Jacob Naasz (Zynga Dallas), Lee Brown (iStation), Steven Billingslea, Lily Ounekeo, Spencer Evans, and Stephenie Edwards.

Below is the order in which pitches will be heard. In the spirit of fairness, this order was selected based on unmodified initiative rolls in a standard d20 system.

1. Claire Lewoczko, “Red Shift”
2. Carrie Sullivan, “Extraterrestrial Homestead”
3. Kelly Weeren, “Body Shop”
4. Steven Zapata, “Castor and Pollux”
5. Anthony Schuler, “Sleepless”
6. Mary Scoville, “Sketchitize”
7. Harry Lesser, “Zarathustra”
8. Caroline Curley, “The Fast and The Fjorious”
9. Alex Rothenberg, “Pacifist”
10. Joshua Miller, “Control Room”
11. Samuel Mosley, “Forge Through Time”
12. Sarah Scoggins, “Dead Princess”