Capstones in the Fall

Looking for capstone registration? Are you worried because it doesn’t appear in Coursebook? Don’t worry, there will be capstones in the Fall. The course just does not appear in Coursebook. To register for capstone you should download the Undergraduate capstone form or the GraduateĀ capstone form, and talk to the professor you want to supervise your project. Keep in mind that each professor only has a limited number of students that he or she can supervise, so you want to talk to that professor sooner rather than later. Also in the Fall semester Capstone meetings will be Tuesday evenings. This doesn’t mean you will meet every Tuesday evening, but it does mean that several Tuesday’s out of the semester you will be required to meet as a group (i.e. don’t take classes from 5:00-10:00pm on Tuesday as that would make it impossible for you to meet).