ATEC GameLab Projects Nearing Beta

As the deadline approaches to finish the beta versions of their games, several of the Spring 2012 GameLab development teams wrote about their games-in-progress to provide insight into their creative process.

Beta presentations for these and the remaining GameLab projects, Paper Master Erbu and RAAARGH!, will be held on Tuesday, April 2 from 1-4 pm. in ATEC 1.202. Game testing is open to the public.

Bat Out of Hell

When you work in Hell, the Devil does not accept two week notices. You have to break out. Geraldo is a business-minded demon who just wants to open a small bar in a cozy neighborhood that serves cold beers to other blue collar workers. The only thing stopping him is Lucifer… and spikes… and lava… and falling blocks, the list of obstacles is pretty long.

Bat Out of Hell is a 2D puzzle/platformer that allows you to play as Geraldo as you jump, push and pull your way out of Hell. Recruit your drinking buddies, Red the Imp and Wally the Werewolf, and use their special powers to overcome the diabolical traps that are standing in the way of your freedom and entry into entrepreneurship.

Bat Out of Hell is a single-player game being developed for the PC by a 14-member team of ATEC graduates and undergraduates using the Unreal Development Kit.

Bat Out of Hell Screenshot

Lights Out

Lights Out is a competitive first-person shooter (FPS) focused on creating intense, psychological duels between two combatants. Both players are equipped with invisibility suits, assault rifles, and light grenades. When exposed to bright lights, the invisibility suits malfunction and each player seeks to take advantage of that by using light switches to illuminate certain sections of the level. Each player can also deploy light orbs to illuminate small areas. Each match consists of a series of rounds that should allow each player to get a feel for how the other player plays the game and adapt accordingly.

As we move toward beta, we have a sizable pile of small tasks ahead. The levels are in progress–we have not pinned down the ideal play experience just yet. Materials and new assets are being loaded in this week. The game will be half stocked by beta and fully stocked with assets by release.

Coding has been a continual challenge and remains a priority. Major functions have been established, but little pieces of player feedback code are proving hard to implement. Interfacing with the various systems in UDK requires expertise this team does not possess. In spite of these challenges, the team remains active and all deadlines will be met as planned.

White Cane

The White Cane puts players in the shoes of Cieco, a confused and sometimes senile protagonist. Cieco is trapped in a pitch black environment, with nothing but his remaining senses to guide his way through this unknowable world. White Cane is a third-person adventure and exploration game that forces players to use the senses that the game provides to solve puzzles and explore their surroundings.

By forcing players to explore in total darkness, each step forward is a new discovery. Players uncover their surroundings by walking and bumping into objects. Objects will remain visible while they are being touched by the player, but will fade out of frame when Cieco is no longer in their proximity. Players will be forced to play an advanced game of Memory to traverse the 3D surroundings in sometimes unsettling situations.

Visit the White Cane development blog.