Applications Now Required for New Advanced Game Courses

This fall, three new undergraduate courses will be offered in the area of game design and development:

  • ATEC 4367: Game Development 2,
  • ATEC 4368: Game Design 2,
  • and ATEC 4373: Virtual Environments 2.

Due to the advanced nature of these courses, and to formalize instructor permissions across the gaming area, all of these courses require an application procedure prior to student enrollment.

The required paperwork can be downloaded below orĀ found outside Dr. Monica Evans’s office, ATEC 1.908. All paperwork must be turned in on the ATEC server by midnight on Sunday, April 14. Students will be notified of their acceptance by April 17. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Dr. Evans ([email protected]) immediately.

ATEC 4367: Advanced Game Development (Game Development 2)

This course explores the theory and practice of rapid prototyping for digital games. Students in this course will individually design, create, and playtest small agile prototypes for digital games in a short amount of time using a variety of online development tools. The course focuses on examining both successes and failures, and teaches students how to use those experiences to improve their game development processes in the future. Course culminates in the presentation of a redesigned game, pitch document, and postmortem for an original digital game.

Download the Fall 2013 Game Development 2 application.

ATEC 4368: Advanced Game Design (Game Design 2)

Continuing study in the critical analysis and creative design of interactive games, with special focus on bringing games out of a full design document into production and development. Topics include designing for serious, persuasive, or educational games; integrating art and entertainment; innovations in mechanics; interactive sounds and narrative; haptic interaction; and advanced production and project management techniques.

Download the Fall 2013 Game Design 2 application.

ATEC 4373: Special Topics in Game Studies: Virtual Environments 2

This course explores advanced methods and techniques used in the design and creation of virtual environments. Topics include advanced level design and scripting techniques, game design implementation, player engagement, and player experience management.

Download the Fall 2013 Virtual Environments 2 application.