Processing: A Hands-On Workshop with Ira Greenberg, April 19

Ira Greenberg, Director of Center of Creative Computation at SMU, will give a 3-hour hands on workshop on ‘Processing programming language and environment’ on Friday, April 19 from noon-3 p.m. in the ATEC Conference Room.

This workshop is open to graduates, undergraduates, and faculty. Please have the Processing software installed on your laptop and bring them with you to the workshop.

This hands-on workshop introduces the Processing programming language and environment. Participants will get a tour of the programming environment and learn how to code a simple particle engine in Processing.

Other topics covered will include Processing and its relationship to Java, object-oriented principles in Processing, 3D, and extending Processing through both core and user-submitted libraries and tools.

No prior programming experience is required.

About Ira Greenberg

With an eclectic background combining elements of painting and programming, Ira Greenberg has been a painter, 2D and 3D animator, print designer, web and interactive designer/developer, programmer, art director, creative director, managing director, art professor, and author.

Ira holds a BFA from Cornell University and an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, Ira is Associate Professor at Miami University (Ohio), where he has a joint appointment within the School of Fine Arts and Interactive Media Studies program. He is also an affiliate member of the Department of Computer Science and Systems Analysis.

His research interests include aesthetics and computation, expressive programming, emergent forms, net-based art, artificial intelligence (and stupidity), physical computing, and computer art pedagogy (and anything else that tickles his fancy).

One of his passions is torturing defenseless art students with trigonometry, algorithms, and object-oriented programming, and he is excited to spread this passion to the rest of the world. Ira lives in charming Oxford, Ohio with his wife, Robin; his son, Ian; his daughter, Sophie; and their night prowler cat, Moonshadow. When not sitting aimlessly in front of his laptop, you can usually find Ira getting checked against the boards at the local ice rink.