International Call for Examples of Inter-Disciplinary Art-Science-Engineering-Humanities Curricula

The Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF), The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales (UNSW) announce a:



Leonardo Executive Editor Roger Malina and UT Dallas doctoral student Kathryn Evans are interested in examples of courses and curricula that are in the art-science-humanities field such as courses on art and biology, music and mathematics, art and chemistry, dance and environmental sciences, etc. Other educators interested in collaborating to develop these resources should contact Kathryn Evans at [email protected].

This is a follow-up to a similar call in the summer of 2012.  Full syallbi should be sent to Paul Thomas at [email protected] to be included in a cloud wiki at The working group includes Meredith Tromble of the San Francisco Art Institute.

We are interested in the broad range of all forms of the performing arts, including music, dance, theatre and film, and the visual arts; and connecting to all the hard and social sciences. We are including art and new technologies (eg: nano tech) but in general not new media curricula unless they include an art-science component, or art and engineering.

Individuals who have taught an art-science-humanities course at the university or secondary-school level, in formal or informal settings, are invited to contact Kathryn Evans, with details of their curriculum, at [email protected].

Please send the title and number of the course(s), a short description, the level offered (graduate or undergraduate) and the department(s) in which the course(s) was offered.  We are also interested in the “history” of your course – when it was offered, if you had any issues with approval, and how you developed the course.

Please include permission to include your course on the CDASH website, “Breaking Down the Silos: Curriculum Development in the Arts, Science and Humanities.” The site also lists programs and centers that are devoted to Art- Science-Humanities research and curriculum.