EMAC Lab Presents: Git Syllabus

Lately, the code-sharing site Github has been getting attention as a possible tool for academic collaboration. Github’s ability to track the revisions made to a work over time, as well as to allow others to “fork” their own versions of a work and then suggest that changes made in the forked version be “pulled” back into the original, make it a compelling platform for innovative research and pedagogy development.

However, Github’s interface, which was designed by and for coders, can be a little challenging for academics to use. Today the EMAC Lab is releasing a tool designed to be a first step towards creating an easier method for academics to share and collaborate on teaching materials on github. The tool, which we simply call “git syllabus” is a plugin for the popular wordpress blogging platform that allows syllabus materials published on a wordpress blog to be easily and directly uploaded to Github for version tracking and sharing with others. Git syllabus will also tag the uploaded material with some basic metadata that we hope to use in the future to build further tools to help teachers discover and work with syllabi on Github.

Git syllabus is, appropriately enough, hosted on Github. You can head over there to download the plugin or learn more. You can also obtain the plugin via the official WordPress plugin system.