Advanced Topics in Communication (COMM 3342) Topic Changes

EMAC 4372 isn’t the only place you’ll find schedule changes this fall. We also had to switch up our plans for the COMM 3342 courses.

In COMM 3342.001, Carie Lambert will focus on Communication Ethics as the class covers topics such as intercultural communication, professional codes of ethics, whistleblowing, alternative online identities, fanfiction, hacking, and intellectual property. Course textbooks are available at the campus bookstore if you want to order them early.

In COMM 3342.501, Deanna McKinley will share Public Relations Principles with students. McKinley is the Vice-President for Multicultural Communications at OCG PR in Fort Worth, a public relations firm that focuses on diverse multicultural market segments. If you take this course, you will practice implementing PR strategies across different media to capture audience attention and use the AP style that many social media positions require. Her course textbooks are available at the campus bookstore and at Off-Campus Books.

Seats are available in each section. The courses satisfy EMAC degree plan requirements, but they are open to all majors.