ATEC Professor to Present as Part of CentralTrak Next Topic Series

‘NEXT TOPIC’ returns for the fall season with a series of illuminating events kicked off by two in-depth conversations on creative computation and techniques by which artists can enhance their expression through computer science and engineering.

Presenting Lecturers

Paul Fishwick
‘Creative Automata’
There was a time when artists and computer scientists were one. This was a time dominated by the creation of automata made of metal and wood, and extravagantly crafted. With relatively new computing technology, we revisit this mode of “coding” and “computing” through immersive games such as Minecraft and maker-culture with micro controllers and 3D printing.
The session will be followed by Q&A with the audience.



Ira GreenbergIra Greenberg
‘Making Code Drip’

Trained as a painter, I explored the visual world studying rhythm, pattern. color, form and the problem of discretely recording this infinite data onto a static, flat, finite surface. Over time the motif and resultant “painting/data” transitioned from landscape, to tree, to foliage, to pure marks and patterned color fields. At some point I realized I was painting algorithms, which coincided with a growing interest in computer graphics. It also slowly dawned on me that if I could learn to master “computation” as a craft oriented medium, I could essentially create multi-dimensional worlds, paintings that moved, evolved and ultimately emerged–perhaps even not completely under my own explicit control. This transition in my work–from paint to code–occurred approximately 15 years ago. My work today, looking in from the outside, can be misconstrued as computer science research; it’s not. I’m not sure if it’s “Art” either. However, it’s work I continue to be intrigued by.

‘NEXT TOPIC’ is a monthly lecture series at CentralTrak Artists’ Residency and Gallery which aims to foster critical discussions on contemporary art issues among Dallas artists, thinkers, critics, educators, theorist, and shapers across DFW area. These events are free and open to the public.

For questions, suggestions or ideas about our future sessions, please email NEXT TOPIC
Program Chair Mona Kasra at [email protected].

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