ATEC Student Game Named Finalist at IndieCade

Constellation, a game developed by five UT Dallas Arts and Technology students, has earned a place as a finalist in The International Festival of Independent Games (IndieCade). A diverse jury of more than 400 individuals from around the world reviewed  more than 850 submissions to IndieCade to determine the top 36 innovative games to nominate for awards. Ten awardees will be designated at the Museum of Contemporary Art on October 3rd in a Red Carpet Awards event.

Check out the official nominees on the IndieCade Website

Artist Statement
Since development on Constellation began, the core design themes have remained the same: creativity, myth, and social collaboration. Players lie on their backs and stare up at the rendered stars, using a motion controller to navigate around our night sky.

Players can find the stars that compose their own favorite constellations, or draw lines between stars to create new ones. More than connecting the dots though, Constellation uses a meditative ambient soundtrack and a canopy over the players that blocks out external sound and light – striving to create an atmosphere that transports players to a cosmic, surreal setting.

Putting players in the position of stargazers of ancient times, Constellation is really about the social experience – exploring constellations others have created, discussing their differing interpretations, and crafting stories around their creations.

Constellation uses the Unity 3D game engine and the HYG bright star database. Players interface with the system using the PS3 motion controller and software package. The starfield and constellations are displayed using a projector and a mirror casting the image onto a canvas and makeshift backdrop.

Through different ideas we have discussed about enabling multiple players to interact with the system, and expanding the space with dome projection, the immersion heightens and the possibilities for education and collaboration expand.

Constellation Team
Travis Ballard – Concept
Steven Billingslea – Art
Spencer Evans – Code
Skylar Rudin – Sound
Jainan Sankalia – Production

Read more on the Constellation Website.