ATEC Faculty Participate in Dallas Art Exhibition

On October 18, Arts and Technology faculty will participate in Aurora 2013, a contemporary art exhibition set to illuminate the public and hidden spaces of the Dallas Arts District with nearly 90 contemporary works of light, sound, performance, and projection art for anevening of discovery and engagement.

Participating ATEC faculty include Morehshin AllahyariMona KasraFrank DufourTodd Fechter and Eric Farrar.

Buildings will become projection screens; streets and courtyards will morph into art installations; and steel, glass, and concrete will pulse and reverberate, transforming The Dallas Arts District’s 19 square blocks into an expansive new media art exhibition.

The evening will showcase some of the most innovative and creative contemporary artists from North Texas, alongside national and international talent.

Visitors are given free access to explore, discover and participate in this celebration of contemporary art.

As visitors journey through the immersive art display, there will be live music and entertainment, a variety of food trucks and pop-up bars, Aurora lounges where you can sit and take a break, and 1,050 lanterns to light your way; created by children from the Big Thought community program.