EMAC Courses Focus on Crowds, Media and Culture

Emerging Media and Communication

If you’re having trouble choosing among the three topics courses available this spring, the following course descriptions may help you weigh your options:


In COMM 3342.001 (TR 1:00-2:15), Janet Johnson will teach Crowdsourcing Information Gathering. This course explores crowdsourcing as an information-gathering and problem-solving tool in journalistic, business, and creative contexts. After grounding the course in a theoretical understanding of the participatory culture of crowdsourcing, students will explore a topic and produce a digital product that synthesizes the crowdsourced material.


Dean Terry will teach Networked Video and Audio (EMAC 4372.001 T 1:00-3:45). This creative studio course will explore the current edges of video and audio practice in networked environments. Students will learn about emerging platforms for video and audio expression and experiment with them. No experience with audio is required, but some experience with video — such as having taken ATEC 3326 — is required.


Finally, Morehshin Allahyari will tech Art and Internet Culture (EMAC 4372.002 R 1:00-3:45). This studio course will focus on the history and context of artworks created digitally and distributed via the internet. Students will explore the history, theories, and practical aspects of internet art through discussions, guest lectures, and art creation. Topics will include Dada, Telematic Art, NetArt, and the Post Internet Aesthetic.


COMM 3342 can serve as either an upper-level major requirement or as a prescribed elective, while the two EMAC 4372 courses count only as prescribed electives.