ATEC Professor Joins International Artists in an Exhibition on the Art of Resistance

The work of ATEC professor Andrew Scott is featured alongside the work of nearly 100 of the boldest artists working today in a New York exhibition connecting visual arts with political, cultural and social movements.

“Reliquary” is on display from Sept. 25 to Nov. 8 as a part of the “Power, Protest, and Resistance: The Art of Revolution” exhibition in the Skylight Gallery in Brooklyn, New York .

Artist Statement:

scottA reliquary is a receptacle used to hold, display and keep sacred relics. The form and spirit of this work is directly informed by the reliquary figures of the Kota People in Gabon. This reliquary is dedicated to African American men who lost their lives in tragic encounters with the police in 2014.

John Coltrane’s “Alabama,” a song written in response to the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing on September 15, 1963, provides the framework and structure for the video that is projected onto the surface of the laser cut and polychromed relief sculpture.

The work uses projected video footage to bear witness to the tragic interactions with police that led to their death juxtaposed against portraits that contain the basic humanity of these people whose lives were cut short all too soon. The choice of projection mapping as a process serves as a metaphor for the many ways that images are projected onto African American boys and men in American society in particular.

The artwork was created at the University of Texas at Dallas where Andrew F. Scott is an Associate Professor of Art and Technology in the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication.

-Andrew Scott

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PPR-FINAL-FOR-PRESS-RELEASE-“Power, Protest, and Resistance: The Art of Revolution, is an exhibition designed to push the viewers to not only engage the work but to engage what is beneath the surface. Why is there such a growing rift among people and the forces that seek to impose governing on them? How do we change or remove an authority that is not responsive to the needs of the people? What is power? Who has it? And how is it used to change things for the better for everyone? With nearly 100 artists participating, this exhibition will act as a call to action. As we use these works of art to grapple with this subject matter, we will create a dialogue on how as a people we can change this world. Change starts in the spirits, minds, and hearts of the people and art is one of the most potent ways I know to reach those areas.”

Danny Simmons
Sept 24th – Oct 31, 2015


Power, Protest, and Resistance: The Art of Revolution is a program of the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Russell Simmons, Danny Simmons and Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons in 1995 to provide meaningful arts education experiences for underserved youth, and professional support to underrepresented contemporary artists.