ATEC Students Release iPhone Game

Ninja Nuggets: Kamikaze Kapers — a strategic, turn-based puzzle game developed by Arts and Technology students Steven Foskett and Chris Krueger — has been released on Apple’s App Store.

The game features a scientist captured by a clan of sentient chicken nuggets and forced to undergo rigorous training to help them fight a war against their ancient rivals. The player’s job is to deploy the clan’s secret weapon: honorable kamikaze warriors who explode into highly volatile sauce, “the deadliest substance known to nugget-kind.”

The project began as a class assignment in spring 2011. “The process of development started very informally,” said Steven Foskett. By fall, Foskett and Krueger had designed the core game — although some refinement was needed.  “I asked Dr. Monica Evans if Chris and I could use it as our capstone, and she gave us the green light,” notes Foskett. “Most of my free time that semester was spent frantically programming, fixing bugs and implementing new features like a store to upgrade your character and the explosive nuggets he lays.”

The game was released on Feb. 17, 2012 on the Apple’s App Store and requires iOS 3 or later.

The team also has Ninja Nuggets t-shirts, bumper stickers, keychains and pillows available on Zazzle.