Innovative Program Named Best in Texas

UT Dallas’ Arts and Technology (ATEC) program has been named fourth among the “The Best Animation Programs in the South” by Animation Career review, an online resource for people aspiring for careers in animation, graphic design, digital art, game development/design/art and related fields.

The ATEC program ranked first among Texas universities.

According to the Animation Career Review’s online post: “Animation programs on the cutting edge are often those that seek to bridge the gap between technology and art, and UT Dallas’ Arts and Technology Department is no different. What is unique is the way in which the program combines an array of faculty and students with varying interests- from performance artists and gamers to programmers and designers. The B.A. in Arts & Technology is tailored to each student and includes animation, interactive games, virtualworlds, sound design and more. An M.A. in the department works similarly, as does the MFA and PhD programs.”