Daisy Kleine: Videographer Filming for Childhood Education

As Arts and Technology students, we are asked what types of jobs a student with an ATEC degree can do. There are many different focuses in the ATEC program. For Daisy Kleine, a 2012 graduate from the Arts and Technology program, it was video and film design.

Daisy took digital video courses with Kyle Kondas and held an internship at HEINE Film + Video. During her internships, Daisy “learned about pre-production, field shooting, post production, and pleasing the client.”

Her class and internship experience helped her with a project she had worked on with a team from the Naveen Jindal School of Management (JSOM) for Educational First Steps (EFS). While taking a Basic Interaction Design class, Daisy was introduced to the business school team, who were looking for someone to shoot a video of their project.

The team’s project was assisting a local non-profit organization, Educational First Steps, and help further the organization’s mission of improving the quality and availability of early childhood education for economically disadvantaged children. One of the methods the JSOM team wanted to use was a short promotional video, hoping to increase the awareness of Education First Steps and its, “One Childhood, One Chance,” initiative.

Daisy immediately jumped at the chance to do practice the skills she learned in class and something for a good cause. She started shooting at the Education First Steps center, watching the children and workers interact. She also interviewed Rachel Proctor, the Director of Neighborhood Christian Learning Center, and John Breitfeller, Executive Director of Educational First Steps, about their work and the organization. She pieced together footage and graphics and presented it the business school team.

Vic Simon, one of the business students, describes Daisy as an “awesome example of the creativity, empathy, and professionalism the ATEC program is graduating.” The team with whom she worked appreciated all the hard work Daisy put into the video. Everyone involved was blown away by Daisy’s video and EFS decided to use it to further promote their organization.

Daisy utilized different ATEC classes to prepare her for a career in video and film design. These classes allowed her to meet new people and opened new doors for her. Mike Stephens, a lecturer in the ATEC program, made the biggest impact in Daisy’s life. Mike was the one who recommended Daisy to the HEINE Film + Video internship, the same company that hired her after she graduated.

Looking back on her experience in the ATEC Program, Daisy describes her experience: “ATEC is an amazing program, and I feel well rounded in many areas. The best thing about ATEC, is that it is up to you to decide what you want to make out of your degree.”

Ashleigh Cue is a senior in the ATEC program with a focus in digital design. She is also pursuing a minor in Art History. She has a passion for the arts and its history, and enjoys digital art, web design, and writing for the web.