Capstone Spotlight: Roach Coach Reviews by Jamie Field

If you live in Dallas, and you want to taste the best the food truck business has to offer, graduating senior Jamie Field has a website for you: Roach Coach Reviews

Roach Coach Reviews

Roach Coach Reviews was part of Jamie’s senior capstone, a project all seniors must complete as part of their last semester in the program. For this project Jamie combined her interest in sampling the culinary offerings of Dallas food trucks with the knowledge and skills she learned as an EMAC student.

The website Jamie built contains reviews, video blogs, and interviews with local food trucks. It also serves as one stop shop to find all of the food truck related news in the Dallas area. The site contains not only a calendar of upcoming food truck events, and a list of the local trucks, but also a way to find where your current favorite truck is.

More than a single website, Roach Coach Reviews reflects a whole enterprise, complete with Facebook page, Twitter account and a growing network of followers. “With an explosion in food truck popularity, the number of trucks is on the rise. Previously, only social media outlets were a resource for updates like new menu items or truck locations/schedules. We developed ‘Roach Coach Reviews’ to serve as your DFW food truck information portal,” says Jamie.

Jamie’s project is not only the best food truck site in the Metroplext, but also an excellent example of the kind of media-literacy EMAC students build in their years in the program.