Student Motivated by Leadershape Experience

This summer EMAC senior Joe Posada-Triana was selected to attend a national session of the LeaderShape Institute. A seven day immersive leadership training for students, LeaderShape focuses on empowering leaders “to create a just, caring, thriving world”. Joe’s attendance at LeaderShape was the culmination of his year long experience as a NASPA Undergraduate Fellow, a mentoring program for students looking to gain experience and knowledge in the field of higher education and student affairs.

Joe Posada-Triana

Part of the LeaderShape Institute is to spend time working on a vision that has a positive impact on your campus, community, and even the world. Joe dedicated his vision to a non-profit that he has been working on for the past year:

“The whole week was just an amazing experience because it helped me learn new things about myself and also pushed me into fifth gear in my vision to create a non-profit that provides first generation latino/a student’s the resources they need to attend college.” See Joes post on the leadershape blog.

Joe and his colleagues at Great Minds are using blogs, Facebook, text messages, and more to create an academic support network for first generation Latino/a students. He plans to continue working on Great Minds for his senior capstone project, and hopes to see the project continue well into the future.