Q&A with Tommy Tallarico

Join Tommy Tallarico of Video Games Live for a question-and-answer session Friday, Jan. 25 at 4:30 p.m. in the Jonsson Performance Hall.

Tommy is a composer for games, co-creator of Video Games Live, and world record holder for most video games worked on. Tony will be here the day before Video Games Live to talk about the show, his experiences, the video game industry. and answer you questions.

About Tommy Tallarico

As one of the most successful video game composers in history, Tommy has helped revolutionize the gaming world, creating unique audio landscapes that enhance the video gaming experience.

He is considered the person most instrumental in changing the game industry from bleeps and bloops to real music now appreciated worldwide by millions of fans. Tommy is the founder, CEO and Chairman of G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in interactive audio (www.audiogang.org).

Tommy was the host, writer and co-producer of the award-winning, cutting-edge television shows Reviews on the Run and the Electric Playground. An accomplished musician, Tallarico has been writing music for video games for more than 22 years. Tallarico was the first musician to release a video game soundtrack worldwide (Tommy Tallarico’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1 – Capitol Records). Tommy was one of the first person to ever use live guitar and 3-D audio in a video game (The Terminator), and was instrumental in bringing true digital interactive 5.1 surround to the gaming world.

He has won over 50 industry awards for best video game audio and has worked on more than 300 game titles. His score for Advent Rising has been noted as “one of the greatest musical scores of all time” by websites such as Yahoo, Gamespot and others. In 2008, he was enshrined in the Guinness Book of World Records with a two page feature article and interview and currently holds 3 Guinness World Records including the person who has worked on the most commercially released video games.

For more information about Tommy please visit www.tallarico.com.