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    Creative Automata Lab

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    The Creative Automata Lab lab explores how abstract foundational computing artifacts are represented.  During this year’s Engineering Week lab researchers demonstrated to visitors of all ages several projects:

    • a representation of the Lotka-Volterra predator-prey relationship,
    • a mechanical integrator using simulated sand,
    • and the use of force feedback in embodied interactions with the distributive law of algebra.

    Sharon Hewitt, MFA student in arts and technology and research assistant in the Creative Automata Lab, produced a video demonstrating current lab projects.

    About the Creative Automata Lab

    The Creative Automata Lab explores how abstract foundation computing artifacts are represented. Representations include functions, equations, dynamic models, and formal automata as well as the control and data involved in them.

    Researchers and artists work together to merge the scientific with the aesthetic to focus on human interaction with metaphor and analogy. Research includes historic mechanics for mathematical functions, such as mechanical and electronic devices.

    Researchers seek to investigate the next generation of technology using games, cinema, 3D printing, consumer electronics, virtual and augmented reality, and Web-based interaction. They also seek to determine how humanities will be a part of the process.