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    FrightLite is the short animated film from the 2012-2013 offering of ATEC’s new Animation Studio production course (ATEC 4351 and 4352). In the two-semester class, undergraduate and graduate students in the ATEC program work as a multidisciplinary team to create a 3D animated film from concept to completion.

    “Everything in this animation is made from nothing. It took multiple teams, simultaneously working on different aspects of the project, from beginning to end. It takes a lot of time,” said associate professor Todd Fechter, who taught the course with assistant professor Eric Farrar.

    “This course truly helps prepare students for careers in their respective industries – they become problem solvers, weighing their solutions versus the total benefit of the team,” Farrar said. “The course is really about allowing students to develop a skill set in an environment that allows them to experiment.”

    Rachel Csabi
    Anne Friske
    Ashley Hackett
    Bryan Hanggi
    Eric Joshua
    Jacob Keul
    Andrew Lagow
    Vincent Lo
    Sean McComber
    Peter McCord
    James Millen
    Chris Moezzi
    Nick Shirsty
    Greg Slagel
    Chelsea Suarez
    Megan Tan
    Matthew Thurman
    Evan Timmons
    Brian Trewitt
    Dan Trinh
    Grant Trotter
    Jessica Uehran
    Sarah Wright