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    Immortal to Man

    Immortal to Man is a stealth game based on regression where you play as Dalus and experience his journey to shut down his robotic city. As the player, you start out with your full ability to traverse the city of Rynth and avoid the Protectors guarding it. In order to complete your quest, you must sacrifice a piece of yourself in order to shut down each of the three main terminals powering the city. With each regression, you lose one of your abilties, forcing you to take more difficult paths to reach your goal. The playstyle of Immortal to Man changes each time a terminal is visited and an ability is sacrificed, causing players to adapt throughout the game until all the terminals of Rynth are shut down.

    Download the Immortal to Man Demo for Windows 

    Download the Immortal to Man Demo for Windows (64 bit)

    Download the Immortal to Man Demo for Mac 

    Team Roster

    Jeff Harper
    Creative Director
    Eric Brodie
    Karsten Davis
    Akilram Krishnan
    Amanda Fisher
    Devin Butler
    Game Designer
    Kyle Trost
    Game Designer
    Alex Bean
    Level Designer
    Mitchell Moser
    Level Designer / Enviroment Artist
    Albert Chang
    Sound Designer


    Stephen WestCharacter / Environment Artist


    Emily PichEnvironment Artist


    Sean FaganUI/UX