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    ATEC 6389

    Quadratic Totem

    For their midterm assignment, graduate students in ATEC 6389 designed and produced a 360-degree projection mapping of “Quadratic Totem,” a six-foot sculptural form.

    Using Madmapper and Modul8 software, students taught by Professor Andrew F. Scott completely mapped video and linear content onto the sculptural form. They were responsible for calibrating the sculpture using a four-projector setup, and they used sound controls to effect parameters of the video content.

    Projection Mapping is a technique that is used to map video content onto real world objects. This discipline combines skill sets from many of the constituent programs within ATEC including images, video, sound and animation. It has applications for art, theme park design, architecture, user-interface design and conference display, and is currently being taught in ATEC 6389 Topics in Art and Technology, Projection Mapping Studio by Professor Andrew F. Scott.