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    ATEC 4371, ATEC 6385

    Snatch! and Terminal B

    “Snatch!” and “Terminal B” are two short animated films created during the Reel FX Animation Production course (ATEC 4371 and ATEC 6385) offered during the summer 2015 semester.  Twenty-five ATEC students teamed up with eleven digital artist professionals from local animation studio, Reel FX, to complete the two 45 second pieces.  The Reel FX professionals visited the UTD campus over the course of the eleven weeks, a different artist each week, to work closely with the students on everything from modeling the characters to polishing their animated performances to using lighting to create the final mood and feel of the films.


    After a claw machine eats her quarter, a young girl gets more than she paid for.

    Terminal B
    It’s a typical day for an enthusiastic air traffic controller, but when a bee breaks the routine, things really start to take off.


    Students who participated in the course:

    Timothy Lewis
    James Adkins
    Ethan Crossno
    Peter Dang
    Ethan Davis
    Michael Forti
    Melissa Gilbreath
    Amber Hardesty
    Brooke Hendrick
    Trevor Howard
    Chris Jennings
    Maryam Khoddami
    Vincent Lo
    Joe Manriquez
    Asya Mantey
    Nick Mikesell
    Shannon Muller
    Autumn Netherton
    Gabrielle Polanco
    Taylor Ransom
    Henry Rodenberger
    Stephen Rodriguez
    Daniel Straus
    Elizabeth Tedmon-Bury
    Michelle Villamarin
    Bill Watts
    Miguel Zozaya