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    ATEC 4351, ATEC 4352, ATEC 6355


    Sticky is the second animated short film to come out of ATEC’s Animation Studio Production course (ATEC 4351, 4352 and 6355).  32 students worked for two semesters during the 2013-2014 academic year to complete the film along with a third film that is still in the post-production process.

    The course was once again co-taught by associate professor Todd Fechter and assistant professor Eric Farrar and simulated working conditions that students might expect to find working in an animation studio.

    “This year’s project was different because the collection of skills and experience levels of the students was different.  There was a real focus and push on the textures and lighting that make up the final look and feel of this piece.  As a result, the team was able to achieve a very sophisticated photo-realistic look,” said Farrar.

    “There are so many components that go into completing a project like this…from the initial designs to the final animated performances as well as just the day-to-day management of all the elements,” Fecher said. “I think our students are learning some really valuable lessons about working on a large-scale team project.”

    Students on the project included:

    • Nealie Bagbie
    • Lorraine Bett
    • David Billings
    • Elin Britton
    • Leslie Davis
    • Kristine Dickson
    • Huda Hashim
    • Kien Hoang
    • Connell Johnson
    • Jacob Keul
    • Sergio Machuca
    • Meagan McCoy
    • Ricky Meisner
    • Sarah Montgomery
    • Long Nguyen
    • Adam Nusrallah
    • Chadwick Orr
    • Anngelica Parent
    • Sarah Perske
    • Mark Piland
    • Gabrielle Polanco
    • Taylor Ransom
    • Mandy Sampson
    • Daniel Straus
    • Esteban Tijerina
    • Evan Timmons
    • Dan Trinh
    • Eduardo Velasquez
    • Chris Venable
    • Edward Villarreal
    • Andrew Ward
    • Jonathan Whitley