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    Zog the Robot

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    Zog the Robot is a 3D action beat-em up starring Zog, the broken-down one armed robot, whose arm can stretch and extend. You play as Zog trying to escape a post-war, human controlled, robot factory. As the robot, you are thrown into combat with human soldiers which you can beat down with your metal body. At its core, this game is an attempt at building an action packed demo, with a team of 20 people working part time over the course of two semesters.


    Team Roster

    Skylar Rudin
    Creative Director
    Jainan Sankalia
    Producer / Combat Designer / FX Artist
    Spencer Evans
    (Lead) Combat Programer / Tools Programmer / Mo-Cap Actor
    Steven Kiesewetter
    Camera Programmer
    Sam Tuggle
    AI Programer
    Brian Chancellor
    UI Designer / Scaleform
    Steven Billingslea
    (Lead) Environment Designer / Level Designer / Technical Artist
    Lorien Meggersee
    Lighting Artist / Level Designer
    Addison Stiles
    Environment Art
    Tashkeel Shah
    Environment Art
    Louis Lupin
    Environment Art/ Particles
    Steven Engel Craven
    Environment Art
    Robert Reynolds
    Environment Art
    Carlos Garcia
    Cinematic Storyboarding
    Kelly Weeren
    Environmental Concept Art
    Sarah Toby
    Character Concept Art / Character Art
    Daniel Ries
    Zog Concept / Character Modeling
    Justin Wood
    Enemy Character Model / Environment Model
    Coleman Eubanks
    Scott Ungchusri
    Character Animation / Particles / Concept Art
    Michael Wonser
    Character Animation / Motion Capture
    Michael Sewell
    Zog Character Animation
    Michael Andreen
    Music / Voice Actor / Mo-Cap Actor
    Ricky Meisner
    Sound Design
    Jesse Lemons
    Voice Actor