Research Labs and Studios

Animation Projects Lab

The Animation Projects Lab is a collaborative creative/research space shared by ATEC animation faculty and graduate students for the development of animation-related projects. Projects completed in the lab cover a wide range of technologies used to produce animation as well as explore broad usage for the medium.

antÉ Institute

The antÉ Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems identifies the anticipatory characteristics of living systems to create proactive solutions that take advantage of new forms of computation. Research in the antÉ Institute concentrates on the sources of anticipation: cognitive science, brain science, mathematical foundations, information theory, and anticipation as a basis for semiotics.


The ArtSciLab is a transdisciplinary research lab – helping innovation that involves art, scientific research, technology development, and education. Created in a communal workspace for discussions, ArtSciLab projects are a collaboration between artists and scientists who seek to investigate problems of cultural timeliness and societal urgency.

Creative Automata Lab

The Creative Automata Lab researches modeling as a way to connect the disciplines of science, art, physics, and computer science through computational thinking.

Cultural Science Lab

The Cultural Science Lab focuses on the complex networks in art history and archaeology. Through examining massive amounts of data, the lab searches for patterns not readily visible in culture. The research methodology includes database planning and evaluation, workflow planning, usability development, network analysis, imaging, and visual citation. The result is visual representation documenting art history and archeology to create maps of cultural mobility.

Emerging Gizmology Lab

The Emerging Gizmology Lab researches design, media, and culture by studying the exponential proliferation of gizmos (products being built on new technologies). Gizmos are the leading-edge result of the technological imagination at work. The lab tracks, deconstructs, and reconstructs gizmos to understand the culture that built them as well as the potential for repurposing them as materials for ATEC research and creative projects.

Fashioning Circuits Lab

The Fashioning Circuits Lab explores the intersections between fashion and emerging media, with particular emphasis on the effects of technology on embodiment and identity. The lab treats wearable technologies as both objects of study and materials for creative expression.


The Future Immersive Virtual Environments (FIVE) Lab performs research on state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) systems and 3D user interfaces (3DUIs). The lab researches using immersive VR technologies to promote effective learning and training that are better than real-world exercises.

Games Research Lab

The Games Research Lab is a collaborative research space shared by full-time ATEC faculty focusing in gaming and interactive media. Lab projects span educational games, serious games, simulation, and the game as an interactive art form.


LabSynthE is a creative laboratory for the investigation of synthetic and electronic poetry. The lab is a community of practice combining new media, sound, and visual studies.

Narrative Systems Research Lab

The Narrative Systems Research Lab researches the nature of storytelling and the kinds of stories best told by the digital experience. The lab explores models of understanding, structural research, and the creation of new work in the fields of narrative and interactive media.

Public Interactives Research Lab

The Public Interactives Research Lab investigates how emerging technologies will transform urban media landscapes. Researchers create new technologies that draw on developments in ubiquitous computing, public art, and environmental design to create new interactive public experiences.

SP&CE Media Lab

The Social Practice and Community Engagement (SP&CE) Media Lab facilitates the development of projects and collaborations in order to promote knowledge exchange among diverse communities and create visibility for existing projects that focus on social awareness.

3D Studio

The 3D Studio explores art, design, and technology through intensive project-based studio practice. The studio combines applications of modern technologies with the tools and approaches of traditional studio practice to create meaning.