Olivia Banner

media studies; gender, disability, and race in digital media and in digital health; health humanities; medicine, psychiatry, and media; feminist, queer, and crip theory; algorithmic culture

Elizabeth Boyd

3d modeling, 3d texturing/surfacing, 3d generalist

xtine Burrough

new media art, net.art, remix culture, culture jamming, intervention and virtual communities, art and social practices, digital labor

Chris Camacho

modeling, lighting, animation, and rigging

Adam Chandler

scripting, level design, 3d modeling & texturing, motion graphics

Timothy Christopher

game design, analogue and digital games, public display games, location based games, copacetic game distribution models, simulation and game design, agent based simulation and game design, games that include robots, games about space exploration, hard sci-fi games, zen and game design, mindfulness in game design, and long form social games

Daedra Christopher

level design, texture design and creation for videogames, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, adobe lightroom, unreal engine 4, unity 3d - unity 5, source engine, autodesk maya, xnormal, quixel suite, pbr texturing, whiteboxing, greyboxing, and 3d modeling

Kristin Drogos

media effects, media psychology, children and media, identity development

Frank Dufour

sound design, interactive and digital arts, aesthetics of digital audiovisual design, history of contemporary music, history of electo-acoustic music

Monica Evans

computer game development and design, interactive narrative, serious games and simulations, educational games

Eric Farrar

3d computer animation

Todd Fechter

3d computer animation, 3d modeling, pre-production

Paul Fishwick

modeling and simulation, aesthetic computing, art/science, computer science education

Hal Fitzgerald

sound, producing, recording engineer

Melissa Hernandez-Katz

cultural communication, leadership communication, student development

Sharon Hewitt

documentary, video, internet, interactive, design

Casey Allen Johnson

pipeline and tool development for feature films

Lindsey Joyce

game studies, narrative design, digital content design, user experience and engagement

Carie Tucker King

technical communication, rhetorics of health and science, distance learning, communication ethics, rhetoric of medicine, medical and health communication, technical writing and editing, professionalism, curriculum development

Midori Kitagawa

interactive art and technology; computer animation; computer-mediated arts

Kim Knight

media studies; digital humanities; network cultures and technologies; emerging media; viral media; gender and digital media

Angela Lee

media use and effects, news consumption, audience analysis, behavioral prediction, journalism ethics

Timothy Lewis

virtual environments, 3d modeling and texturing for real-time, game design and development pipelines, mechanics and tools development, technical art

Thomas Linehan

research administration - arts and technology internet-based training and distance education research in game and simulation development university - corporate training and research.

Juan Llamas-Rodriguez

transnational film and media, global cultural industries, border studies, latin american television, critical theory, pirate media

Roger Malina

astrophysics; experimental publishing and curating; art and science

Peter Mccord

lighting, compositing, and modeling for 3d animation, film, and commercial

Ryan McMahan

virtual reality, 3d user interfaces, human-computer interaction, training transfer modeling and simulation, computer graphics

Barbara Morgan

assessment, accreditation, technical writing, rhetoric, english composition, literature, and student success

Mihai Nadin

he is, among other things, a pioneer in computer graphics and arts, human-computer interaction, visualization, semiotics, and anticipatory systems. he founded and directed the world's first computational design program. his current area of research is anticipation/anticipatory systems and anticipatory computation.

Cassini Nazir

web publishing, interactive digital media, design

Josef Nguyen

play and game studies, digital media and culture, fan studies, science and technology studies, contemporary literature

Christi Nielsen

social media, new media art, interactive and internet art

Maximilian Schich

history of western art and architecture, complex networks, cultural data science, multidisciplinarity, visualization.

Wendy Sung

critical race studies, cultural studies, digital media studies, cultural memory and spectatorship, comparative ethnic studies

Dean Terry

digital video; new media; interactive and internet art; art & technology; media studies and film

Marilyn Waligore

photography and digital media, comtemporary art, history of photography

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