About Us

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Our Mission

To enhance and protect organizational value by providing risk-based and objective assurance, advice and insight to UT Dallas and UT System executive management relating to the achievement of the University’s strategic and operational objectives.


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The Audit Committee

Much of what we do is overseen by the Audit Committee.

Audit Internship Program

Audit and Consulting Services offers hands-on internal audit work experience to select UT Dallas School of Management graduate students through the Internal Audit Education Program.

What is the Difference between Audit and Compliance at UT Dallas?

Download here to understand the Difference Between Audit and Compliance PDF

Generally, Internal Audit is an independent assurance function that evaluates university operations in all areas:  financial, operational, information technology, compliance, and other projects.

When to Seek Audit Assistance?

  • You have questions internal controls, such as how to separate duties; how to evaluate your operations for effectiveness and efficiency; how to safeguard your property, information; how to assess your departmental risks; how to minimize fraud risks.
  • You would like to request a change in leadership audit or a consulting review of your operations.
  • You suspect fraud.

Generally, Compliance is a management function that helps ensure compliance with policies and procedures and facilitates compliance training.

When to Seek Compliance Assistance?

  • You have questions on policies and procedures.
  • You have questions about compliance training.