Audit Committee

Much of what we do is overseen by the Audit Committee.

Responsibilities of the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee Members

This executive-level committee provides high-level oversight for the Office of Internal Audit.

Lisa Choate, Chair External Member
Dr. Richard Benson President
Dr. Gurshaman Baweja External Member
Dr. Kyle Edgington Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Mr. Frank Feagans Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Dr. Gene Fitch Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Calvin Jamison Vice President for Administration
Mr. Bill Keffler External Member
Ms. Julie Knecht External Member
Mr. Ed Montgomery External Member
Dr. Inga Musselman Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Joseph Pancrazio Vice President for Research
Mr. Terry Pankratz Vice President for Budget and Finance
Dr. Hobson Wildenthal Executive Vice President
Mr. Mike Peppers UT System Chief Audit Executive, ex-officio
Mr. Tim Shaw University Attorney, ex-officio
Ms. Toni Stephens Chief Audit Executive, ex-officio