Mandy Maguire, PhDMandy J Maguire, PhD

Dr. Maguire's research interests include studying children's typical language development through behavioral and electrophysiological responses. Her primary goal is to study the neurological underpinnings of typical language development as a foundation for better understanding language disorders and delays. To learn more about the current research in the lab, see our "Studies" page. For a list of Dr. Maguire's publications, see "Publications."

Dr. Maguire received her undergraduate degree in psychology at Penn State University where she focused on cognition and development. Following a year as a research assistant in Carnegie Mellon University's Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging, she began the Developmental Psychology PhD program at Temple University. There she worked with Kathy Hirsh-Pasek studying semantic development in children, focusing primarily on verb learning. In her dissertation she identified various cues that children use to learn new verbs, and then extended that work with English speaking children to those learning Japanese and Spanish. Dr. Maguire then returned to her work in cognitive neuroscience during a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Louisville in the Developmental Neuroscience Lab where her primary work included collecting data for a longitudinal study of early EEG markers of later reading disabilities. Since starting at the University of Texas at Dallas her work has worked to combine behavioral and neurolinguistic techniques to better understand typical language development.

Lab Coordinator

Michael LopezMichael Lopez is the current Lab Coordinator for the Developmental Neurolinguistics Lab. He received a BA in Psychology and Anthropology from Florida International University in 2015. He plans to continue his education with a Masters degree focusing on Language Development and Learning in school aged children.

Doctoral Students

Julie SchneiderJulie Schneider is doctoral student in the Psychological Sciences program. She received a MS in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience from UTD in 2013, and a BA in English with a minor in Psychology from Texas Tech University in 2011. Her current research focuses on the use of Event Related Potentials and Time Frequency Analysis to better understand grammaticality errors and sentence processing in typically developing children.

Yvonne RalphYvonne Ralph is a doctoral student in the Psychological Sciences program. She completed her BS in Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology here at UTD. She is interested in understanding developmental differences in how children use language, based on their gender.

Sonali PoudelSonali Poudel is a doctoral student in the Communication Sciences and Disorders program. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Wesleyan College, Macon, GA in 2015. Following this, she worked as a lab manager in the Neuroscience of Language Lab at George Washington University for a year. Her research interests include understanding the cognitive and neural correlates of language development in children with varied language experience.

Masters Students

Elisa GallegosElisa Gallegos is currently a master’s student in the Applied Cognition and Neuroscience program. She received a BA in Psychology with a minor in Human Rights from Southern Methodist University in 2013. Her primary interests lie in the neural bases of emotion and cognition and how these shape learning.

Hatty LaraHatty Lara is a first-year master’s student in the Psychological Sciences program. She received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from The University of Texas at El Paso. She hopes to become a Clinical Psychology or Developmental Psychology PhD student.

Undergraduate Students

Braylon SuttonBraylon Sutton is currently completing a Post-Bac at the University of Texas at Dallas; he has completed a certificate in Biomedical Sciences. With his interest in Neurology, he plans to attend medical school in the coming year.

Brent FosterBrent Foster earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience at Brigham Young University. His goal is to earn a PhD in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language and continue researching how language is implemented in the brain.

Caleb KasnerCaleb Kasner is a sophomore studying Neuroscience who plans to pursue a career in medicine. His future interests lie in the fields of neurosurgery and pediatrics.

Savana KingSavana King is a senior Psychology major with interest in applied research. When she’s not in school or in the lab, she privately tutors children with behavioral disorders and/or learning disabilities, and helps advance UTD’s chapter of Psi Chi as vice president.

Nishani ModiNishani Modi is a senior Speech-Language Pathology major. She plans to attend graduate school to work as a speech language pathologist for children with language disorders. She then plans to pursue a PhD in developmental psychology and study language and literacy development.

Alex NovoaAlex Novoa holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Spanish minor from the University of Texas at Arlington. Currently, she is a high school English teacher and a leveling post-bacc student at Texas Woman's University. Alex plans on applying to Speech-Language Pathology Master's programs this fall.

Dane OsborneDane Osborne is a 2017 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Child Development. He plans to pursue a master’s degree in clinical psychology. His goal is to become a family counselor specializing in families with special needs children.

Hollis RatliffHollis Ratliff is a sophomore neuroscience major at UT Dallas. In addition to her work in the lab, she plays the violin in the UT Dallas String orchestra and runs for the cross-country team.

Vyom RavalVyom Raval is a sophomore neuroscience major at UTD. He is particularly fascinated by neurolinguistics, and hopes to pursue a career that intertwines both clinical medicine and neuroscience research.

Shyam SheladiaShyam Sheladia is a senior Neuroscience major with a minor in Biology. Upon graduation, he plans to continue to medical school in Texas to pursue an MD/PhD.

Emma TharpEmma Tharp is a freshman majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in philosophy. Medical school is where her short term aspirations lie. Her long term dream involves carrying out a fruitful career as a doctor for as long as a hospital will have her! But alongside all of this, she plans on whittling away at an ever-growing reading list, remaining true to her bibliophilic nature.

High School Students

Ritika DendiRitika Dendi is a junior in high school. She is interested in the field of medicine and neurology and plans to go to medical school.

Neha DronamrajuNeha Dronamraju is a rising junior in High School; she is planning on pursuing a Neuroscience major in college. She writes for her school newspaper and is passionate about diversity and social justice causes.

Caroline SubbiahCaroline Subbiah is a rising junior in High School. She is interested in behavioral economics, linguistics, and sociology. On her free time she enjoys filmmaking and tutoring at the local library.