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Child Language and Cognitive Processes Laboratory


Study Overview

We are currently actively recruiting children between 7-11 years old to participate in the Pediatric Attention, Language and Memory (PALM) research study. See the official PALM flyer.

We have received funding from the National Institutes of Health to collect a wealth of information about language development in children. The team at The University of Texas at Dallas, led by Dr. Julia Evans, is working with collaborators at two other universities to assemble a large-scale pediatric attention, language and memory database that will be available to the scientific community.

These data will allow investigators to examine the role of attention and memory on listening comprehension is children. Understanding why memory and attention interfere with children’s listening skills is critically important for solving many educational problems that children experience. The research will lead to more effective ways of educating children with and without learning disabilities.

Sentence Comprehension, Attention, Memory and Language Abilities

Children will be asked to complete a series of tasks designed to assess their language, attention and memory abilities.


Participants will receive $75 plus results of memory and language testing.

Eligibility Requirements

Children participating in the PALM study must meet the following requirements:

  • 7 – 11 years of age
  • Parental consent
  • English as first language
  • Normal or corrected-to-normal vision
  • Normal hearing
  • No diagnosis of neurological disorder
  • No heavy alcohol or drug use by mother throughout pregnancy

PALM Study Participation

If you are interested in having your eligible child participate in the PALM study, please contact us at [email protected].

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