The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences



2018 Archive

DATE SPEAKER TITLE Sponsors/Partnerships
Jan 25 Ian Robertson, PhD
T. Boone Pickens Distinguished Scientist at the Center for BrainHealth
Make Stress Work For You  
Mar 22 Panel Discussion
Dan Krawczyk, PhD and Lori Cook, PhD
Guarding Brain Performance: Build Resilience On & Off the Field  
Apr 12 Bonnie Pitman
Director Art-Brain Innovations at the Center for BrainHealth
The Power of Observation  
May 3 Bill Benjamin
Partner, Institute for Health and Human Potential
The Science of Emotional Intelligence  
June 14 Leanne Young, PhD
Brain Performance Institute
The Science of Happiness  
Sep 20 Bonnie Pittman
Director of Art-Brain Innovations, Center for BrainHealth
Do Something New™  
Oct 11 Sandra Chapman, PhD
Center for BrainHealth
Laura DeFina, MD
The Cooper Institute
Brain and Body Fit: Realizing Your Fullest Potential  
Nov 15 Kami Sip, PhD
NeuroLeadership Institute
The Neuroscience of Habit Formation ActivateWorld
Dec 6 Edward Burger, PhD
Southwestern University
Making Up Your Own Mind: Thinking Effectively Through Creative Puzzle-Solving  


2017 Archive

Nov 2 Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Center for BrainHealth

Lawrence W. Speck

Workplace Design Sparks or Destroys Strategic Innovation JLL
Dec 5 Bonnie Pitman
Center for BrainHealth
The Art of Observation  
Dec 7 Francesca Filbey, PhD
Center for BrainHealth
Because I Got High: Marijuana and Your Brain  

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