The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Herve Abdi


Research Interests

Memory and cognition, quantitative models, neuroimaging, genomics

Curriculum Vitae


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 972-883-2065
Office: GR_4.216
Campus Mail Code: GR41
Website: Personal Website


With more than 250 publications, Dr. Hervé Abdi focuses his work around three areas: psychology of memory, neural networks, and statistics. His psychology of memory research is mainly directed toward the modeling of long-term semantic memory for faces and non-verbal material such as odors and tastes. The neural networks research is directed at finding a generalization of auto-associative networks and to the analysis of the statistical properties of connectionist models. Dr. Abdi’s statistical work is oriented towards the analysis of very large, complex and multi-modal data sets such as found in brain imaging and genetic studies. Dr. Abdi was a Fulbright scholar and a visiting associate professor of cognitive and linguistic sciences at Brown University, a resident of the “Paris Institute of Advanced Studies” and also has served as a visiting professor at universities in Switzerland, Japan, France and Canada. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Franche-Comté in France, his two master’s degrees from the Universities of Clermond-Ferrand and Strasbourg in France, and his PhD from the University of Aix-en-Provence in France.

Recent and Selected Representative Publications


Abdi, H., & Beaton, D (in press, 2018). Principal Component and Correspondence Analyses Using R. New York: Springer Verlag.

Recent Articles in Peer-Refereed Journals

Bougeard S., Abdi, H., Saporta, S., & Niang, N. (in press, 2018). Clusterwise analysis for multiblock component methods. Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, 12.

Jerger, S, Damian, M.F., McAlpine, R., & Abdi, H. (in press, 2018). Visual speech fills in both discrimination and identification of non-intact auditory speech in children. Journal of Child Language, 45.

Armson, M.J., Abdi, H., & Levine, B. (2017). Bridging naturalistic and laboratory assessment of memory and aging: The Baycrest mask fit test. Memory, 25, 999-1008.

Beaton, D., Dunlop, J., ADNI, & Abdi, H. (2016). Partial Least Squares-Correspondence Analysis: A framework to simultaneously analyze behavioral and genetic data. Psychological Methods, 21, 621-651.

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