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Developmental Milestones and Websites

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We have compiled a list of websites containing information on child development, parenting, and speech and language development that may be useful for you.  Additionally, we have included some developmental milestones for 4-12 month-old infants. 


[4-7 months] [8-12 months] [Websites]


                                        The Milestones 4 - 7 Months                                                         [top]

      Starting to become curious of mirror images

  • Is able to support their weight with their legs
  • Can move toys from one hand to the other
  • Can track moving objects with eyes
  • Is showing a response to others emotions
  • Starts to explore to find hidden objects
  • Uses both hands and eyes for exploration
  • Can roll from stomach to back
  • Can roll from back to stomach
  • Can sit with and without hands as support
  • Will reach out with one hand
  • Interacts well in social playing and activities  


                                  Areas of Concern 4 - 7 Months                                                  [top]

  • Tight muscles or muscles appear stiff
  • You can not make child happy or content after 5 months
  • Not rolling in either direction, stomach to back, or back to stomach
  • Will not be held or hugged
  • Finds it difficult to get object to mouth
  • Not sitting with assistance by 6 months
  • Not following objects with eyes by 6 months
  • Cannot support all or most weight on legs by 7 months
  • Not looking at sounds by turning head
  • Not smiling on their own by 6 months
  • Not interested in being interactive with others in such games as peek a boo
  • Not babbling and or trying to copy sounds by 7 months  


                                 The Milestones 8 - 12 Months                                                [top]

  • Saying a few words such as mom, dad, dog, uh-oh
  • Enjoying imitating others at play
  • Babbling with true meaning (it means a lot to them)
  • Uses furniture to support walking
  • Can pull up to standing position
  • Can go from sitting to crawling position
  • Goes from crawling position to sitting without assistance
  • Can stand for a short period of time without assistance
  • Can hit two items together (like two blocks)
  • Can put toys in a box and take them out
  • Explores with index finger
  • Attempts to copy words and sounds for attention
  • Is aware of familiar people and toys
  • Also aware when mom and dad are not around (and not happy about this at all)
  • Starts to become afraid of certain situations
  • Understands simple words like "NO"
  • Can finger feed themselves
  • Can respond with gestures like "motioning head no"
  • Walking two to three steps unassisted


                                       Areas of Concern 8 - 12 Months                                                  [top]

  • Not crawling (by 12 months)
  • Not standing with support
  • Drags or favors one side when crawling
  • Not saying single words such as mom or dad
  • Not using simple gestures like...wave bye-bye
  • Cannot go from sitting position to crawling position unassisted
  • Not able to put object in and out of a box


   Websites:                                                                                                                         [top]



Sponsored by the Center for Disease Control, it has developmental milestones, fact sheets, and information on developmental disorders.



Information on the Children's Defense Fund, along with other information on meeting children's needs.



The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) provides information to parents and educators, along with the ABC's of child development



A link to the website for the Association for Psychological Science, providing a broad picture of psychology



A link to the American Psychological Association's website, which provides information into all areas of psychology along with a link for Children and Families.



A link to information about auto safety, including how to choose and install car seats.



Information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on how to keep your child safe in the car, with instructional videos on how to install safety seats.


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Developmental Milestones
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