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Why babies like our lab

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We hope you and your infant will enjoy participating in our research studies. We design our studies to attract babies' attention, such as seeing videos of people talking in infant-directed speech, or the sing-song voice most adults use when talking to babies. Most of our current studies use an eye-tracking system to measure exactly where your baby looks at the pictures or videos on the screen, such as at the eyes or mouth of a talking face. Parents find it interesting to see where their babies were looking during our experiments.

 In choosing to participate, you will be joining many other families who are helping researchers learn more about young infants' perception of speech and faces as well as the development of other cognitive abilities.  Each time that you participate, you will receive a certificate to show our appreciation as well as information on infant development. We hope that you will help us learn more about babies' early abilities.

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Why Babies Like our Lab!

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