The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Language in Motion


Principal Investigator

Lisa Goffman

Lisa Goffman, PhD, CCC-SLP

Contact: [email protected]

Lisa is the Nelle C. Johnston Professor in Early Childhood Communication Disorders in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her research program focuses on how children, both typically developing and speech and language impaired, map motor actions to conceptual and linguistic goals. She is especially interested in how different motor, cognitive, and linguistic cues may facilitate language and speech learning in children with language difficulties.

Current Doctoral Students

Janet Vuolo

Janet Vuolo, MA, CCC-SLP

Contact: [email protected]

Janet is a doctoral student. She is primarily interested in speech development and disorders, with a focus on childhood apraxia of speech and SLI. Her research investigates how speech motor control, articulation, and limb motor coordination develop in early childhood. She is currently investigating how changes in articulatory stability as a function of practice and task demands may help differentiate children with CAS from children with other speech sound disorders. She will be joining the faculty at Ohio State University, first as a postdoctoral fellow then as an assistant professor.

Sara Benham

Sara Benham

Contact: [email protected]

Sara is PhD student. She is currently working on a project that applies principles of network science to a lexical-phonological analysis in children with specific language impairment. Her other research interests include language development inbilinguals, as well as the interaction between motor speech disorders and phonology.

Recent Graduates of the Lab

Meredith Saletta

Meredith Saletta, PhD, CCC-SLP

Contact: [email protected]

Meredith is an Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa. She utilizes production-based methodologies, including transcription, articulatory kinematics, and analyses of postural stability and timing, to investigate the fundamental mechanisms of human communication and learning. In populations such as adults with Parkinson’s disease, there is a clear relationship between language and motor factors; in children with specific language impairment and reading disabilities, this relationship may not be immediately obvious.

Allison Gladfelter

Allison Gladfelter, PhD, CCC-SLP

Contact: [email protected]

Allison is an Assistant Professor at the University of Northern Illinois. Allison is primarily interested in the study of language development in children with autism spectrum disorder, specific language impairment and typical language development. Her research explores the factors that influence how children learn words, specifically in the areas of phonological aspects of words, prosodic patterns, and semantic richness in the learning context.

Post Doctoral Fellow and Research Scientist

Peter T. Richtsmeier

Peter T. Richtsmeier, PhD, CCC-SLP

Contact: [email protected]

University: Oklahoma State University
Lab: Phon Farm

Peter is an Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University. He studies how children learn to produce speech accurately.


LouAnn Gerken
Psychological Sciences and Linguistics, University of Arizona

Sebastien Helie
Psychological Sciences, Purdue University

Jun Wang, Biomedical Engineering and Communication Sciences and Disorders, UT Dallas

Howard Zelaznik
Health & Kinesiology, Purdue University

Student and Research Associate Collaborators from the Goffman Lab, Purdue University