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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Center for Vital Longevity Series Archive


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Jan 27 Kathleen McDermott, PhD Effective Learning and Effective Learners: Behavioral and Neuroimaging Studies
Feb 3 Alice O'Toole, PhD Computational Mmodels of Face Recognition: Where are We Now? Where Do We Go Next?
Feb 10 Alex Martin, PhD Food for Thought - Representing and Tuning the Categories of the Mind
Feb 17 Julia Evans, PhD Atypical Lexical-semantic Processing in Individual Children with Specific Language Impairment: Evidence from ERP and Anatomically Constrained MEG
Feb 24 Paul Whalen, PhD Neural Responses to Facial Expressions Predict Attention, Bias and Personality
Mar 3 Ian McDonough, PhD Neural Markers of Cognitive Ability Across the Adult Lifespan
Mar 17 Scott Grafton, PhD How Our Brain Networks Both Change and Facilitate Learning: Imaging Studies of Training Over Minutes to Months
Mar 24 Michael Rugg, PhD Can Data From Neuroimaging Inform Psychological Theory?
Mar 31

Ian McDonough, PhD

Neural Markers of Cognitive Ability Across

the Adult Lifespan
Apr 14 Michela Gallagher, PhD The Paradigm Shift to AD Prevention
Apr 21 Danielle King, PhD Lateral Posterior Parietal Activity During Successful Recognition of Previously Perceived and Imagined Events
Apr 24 John Jonides, PhD Suppressing Short-term Memories:  Basic Science and Translation
Apr 28 Cindy Lustig, PhD Keeping Distraction Out and Moving Focus In: Rodent, Genetic and Patient Studies of Acetylcholine's Role in Attention
Sep 8 Yaakov Stern, PhD Cognitive Reserve and Aging
Sep 15 Theodore Price, PhD CNS Mechanisms Underlying the Transition to Chronic Pain
Sep 29 Sara Festini, PhD Memory Control: Consequences and Mechanisms of Directed Forgetting in Working Memory
Oct 6 Paul Fishwick, PhD TBA
Oct 13 Michael K. Scullin, PhD Sleep, Memory and Aging
Oct 20 Christopher K. Hertzog, PhD Now You See Them, Now You Don't: The Mystery of Age Differences in the Accuracy of Episodic Feeling-of-Knowing
Oct 27 Denise Park, PhD STAC-R: A Revision of the Scaffolding Theory of Aging and Cognition
Nov 3 Diana Kerwin, MD Dementia Prevention and Longevity
Nov 6 Beatriz Luna, PhD Brain Dynamics Underlying Cognitive Development Through Adolescence
Dec 1 Zhuang Song, PhD Imaging of the Medial Temporal Lobe in Healthy and Pathological Aging
Dec 8 Rob Ackerman, PhD The Role of Pathological Personality Traits in Roommate Relationship Development


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Jan 14 Christa McIntyre, PhD Emotional Modulation of the Synapse
Feb 4 Charan Ranganath, PhD Two Cortical Systems for Memoryguided Behavior
Feb 11 Kirk Erikson, PhD Aging, Exercise and Brain Plasticity
Feb 18 Mike Devous, PhD Imaging Beta Amyloid: How it has Impacted Treatment Trials for Alzheimer's Disease
Feb 25 Peiying Liu, PhD Impact of Vascular Reactivity on fMRI Signal: Applications in Cognitive Neuroscience and Aging
Mar 4 Raul Rojas, PhD Striving for a Better Understanding of Bilingualism in Children
Mar 11


Spring Break
Mar 18 Preston Thakral, PhD The Role of Human Motion Processing Complex, MT+, During Memory and Perception
Mar 25 Randi Martin, PhD Working Memory, Interference Resolution and Sentence Processing
Apr 8 Mandy McGuire, PhD Using ERPs and Time Frequency Analysis to Study Language Development
Apr 22 Jonathan Ploski, PhD Perturbations of Emotional Learning in an Animal Model of Environmentally Induced Autism
Apr 29 Anthony Wagner, PhD The Cognitive Neuroscience of Remembering

Sep 9

John Hart, MD

UT Dallas

Semantic Retrieval Circuits
Sep 16

Brad Postle, PhD

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Activity vs. Information in Attention and Working Memory
Sep 23   TBA
Sep 30

Rachael Elward, PhD

UT Dallas

The Recollection of Information Associated with Monetary Reward
Oct 7

Tres Thompson, PhD

UT Dallas

Neuroplasticity in Hippocampus and Amygdala in Learning & Memory, Aging & Stress
Oct 14

Marianne de Chastelaine, PhD

UT Dallas

Episodic Encoding and Retrieval Processes in Younger and Older Adults
Oct 21

Kyle Womack, MD

UT Southwestern Medical Center

DTI Findings in Retired NFL Athletes
Oct 28

Noa Ofen, PhD

Wayne State University

The Development of Memory Systems in the Brain
Nov 4

Todd Braver, PhD

Washington University in St. Louis

Cognitive Control & Decision-Making in Older Adults
Nov 11   Society for Neuroscience
Nov 18

Amy Pinkham, PhD

Southern Methodist University

The Neural Correlates of Social Cognitive Impairment in Schizophrenia
Nov 25   Fall Break (No Classes, No Colloquium)
Dec 2

Kaoru Nashiro, PhD

UT Dallas

Effects of Cognitive Training on Brain Activity: Training-Related Increase or Decrease?
Dec 9

Michela Gallagher, PhD

Johns Hopkins University

The Paradigm Shift to AD Prevention: Slowing Progression in Early Stage Disease to Prevent Dementia


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Jan 23

Dan Krawczyk, PhD

Understanding Perceptual Expertise in Chess: Evidence from Neuroscience and Behavior
Jan 30

Rick Addante, PhD

The Eelectrophysiology of Episodic Memory: From Pre-stimulus Theta Enhancements to Amnesia Deficits in Neuropsychological Patients

Feb 13

Bart Rypma, PhD

Taking the Measure of Age-related
Neurocognitive Change
Feb 20 Russ Poldrack, PhD Using Cognitive Neuroinformatics to Map Mind and Brain
Feb 27 John Sweeney, PhD Sensorimotor Alterations in Autism
Mar 5 Jinkyung Na, PhD Culture, Age and Cognition
Mar 19 Craig Stark, PhD Pattern Separation and the Aging Hippocampus
Mar 26 John Gabrieli, PhD Using Neuroimaging to Predict Future Human Behavior
Apr 9 Harvey Levin, PhD Neuroplasticity After Traumatic Brain Injury: A Brain Imaging Perspective
Apr 16 James Bartlett, PhD True and False Recognition of Faces: Individual and Age-Related Effects
Apr 23 Elizabeth Kensinger, PhD The Effects of Emotional Arousal and Valence on Episodic Memory
Sep 17 Roger Rosenberg, MD DNA A-beta 42 Vaccine to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
Sep 24 David Bennett, MD Mixed Dementia and Neural Reserve: Implications for the Prevention of AD
Oct 1 Brent Small, PhD Use It or Lose It: Do Lifestyle Activities Reduce Age-related Cognitive Declines?
Oct 8 Andrea Warner-Czyz, PhD TBA
Oct 22 Kaia Vilberg, PhD Neural Systems Supporting Episodic Memory Humans
Oct 29 Sara Haber, PhD The Synapse Project: The Impact of Productive Engagement on Cognitive Performance
Nov 5 Emily Tobey, PhD What Frankenstein, Miss America, the Hulk and Rush Limbaugh have in Common…
Nov 12

Michael Kilgard, PhD

Directing Neural Plasticity to Understand and Treat Neurological Disease
Nov 26 Scott Moffat, PhD Aging and Spatial Navigation
Dec 3 Howard Eichenbaum, PhD The Hippocampus in Space and Time
Dec 10 Vaidehi Natu, PhD Understanding Neural Representations of Facial Identity, Race and Familiar Faces: Constraining the Neural with the Perceptual


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Sep 5


Sep 12 Hanzhang Lu, PhD Age-related Differences in Brain Vascular Function
Sep 19 Michael Devous, PhD PET Imaging of Beta Amyloid in Dementia and Normal Aging
Oct 3 Chandramallika Basak, PhD Focus Switching, (un)Predictabilty and Plasticity: A Proposal for a New Index and an Updated Hierarchical Model of Working Memory
Oct 10 C. Munro Cullum, PhD Applied Neurocognitive Assessment Techniques
Oct 17 Gagan Wig, PhD Cerebral Cartography: Combining Resting-state Functional Connectivity and Social Network Analysis to Parcellate the Brain into Areas Across the Adult Lifespan
Oct 24 Ian McDonough, PhD Recollection-based Retrieval Monitoring in Younger and Older Adults
Oct 31 Carol Tamminga, MD Learning and Memory Dysfunction in Schizophrenia
Nov 7 Patricia Reuter-Lorenz, PhD False Working Memories, Semantic Interference and Neurocognitive Control
Nov 14   No Talk - SFN
Nov 21 Adam Brickman, PhD Reconsidering the Role of White Matter Disease in Cognitive Aging and Dementia
Nov 28 Kristen Kennedy, PhD Aging of Brain Structure: Cognitive Consequences and Functional Impact
Dec 5 John Jonides, PhD Improving Intelligence


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