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Interpersonal RelationshipsThe PAIR lab investigates how developmental experiences and personality traits help to shape the course and quality of interpersonal relationships. We study many types of relationships, including romantic relationships, family relationships, and roommate relationships. The PAIR lab places a special emphasis on how the personality traits or developmental experiences of both partners contribute to the formation, development, and/or maintenance of such relationships. The PAIR lab is also dedicated to gaining a better understanding of those individual differences that have particular relevance for aspects of relationship quality (e.g., narcissism).


Some topics that are a focus of the PAIR lab include:


  • The influence of early family dynamics on later close relationships
  • The conceptualization and assessment of narcissism
  • The impact of personality traits on relationship initiation and maintenance processes within romantic relationships
  • The impact of personality traits on roommate relationship development


Please visit the Current Research page to see what projects are currently underway, and if you are interested, how you can sign up to participate.


Interested undergraduates who would like to help out as research assistants in the PAIR lab can find an application link on the Research Opportunities page (please return completed applications to
Email [email protected]).


Interested applicants who would like to work with Dr. Ackerman as a graduate student are encouraged to email him (Email [email protected]) with any questions they may have.

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