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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

List of Awarded Faculty Grants for 2015



Funding Agency


Assmann NSF Acoustic Variability and Perception of Children’s Speech
Basak DKR Targeted Cognitive Interventions in MCI Adults for an Active Mind
Beaton, Derek NIH Behavioral and Neurobiological Factors of Emotion Regulation and Craving Response in Heavy Marijuana Users
Campbell Univ Wisc/NIDCD Developmental Phonological Disorders
Campbell MGH Institute of Health Professions Speech Movement Classification for Diagnosing and Treating ALS
Chapman HRSA Brain Health & Repair
Chapman CDMRP Brain Training to Enhance Frontal Lobe Reasoning in Soldiers with TBI
Clark Vanderbilt University Developing Research Careers in the Hearing Sciences — Predoctoral Fellowship for Jordan Racca
Dussor NIH The Role of ASICs in Migraine Pathophysiology
Dussor Migrain Research Foundation Afferent Stimulation of the Trigeminovascular System Produces Central Sensitization via BDNF Signaling in the Nucleus Caudalis
Evans NIH Cognitive Processing and Sentence Comprehension (Plus Supplement to 25055062)
Filbey NIH/NIDA cues
Filbey NIH/NIDA Genetic and Environmental Modulators to the Brain's Response to Marijuana Cues — Supplement
Filbey Oregon Health & Science Univ (NIH/NIAAA) fMRI and Treatment Response with Binge Drinking Adolescents
Geers Wash Univ/NIH Effects of early acoustic hearing in pediactric cochlear implant recipients
Hart State of Texas HHSC Non-Pharmacological Treatment for Symptoms of PTSD
Hart National MS Society Identifying and Characterizing Auditory Processing Disruptions in Multiple Sclerosis
Jerger, S NIH Auditory Speech Processing by Hearing Impaired Children
Kennedy, Kristen NIH Role of White Matter Integrity in Age-related Functional Reorganization
Kennedy, Kristen NIH/UAB Function Change in Mind Cognitive Impairment
Kilgard NIH Animal Model of Speech Sound Processing in Autism
Kilgard/Rennaker NIH Plasticity
Krawczyk/Chapman CDMRP Brain Training to Enhance Frontal Lobe Reasoning in Soldiers with TBI
Krawczyk/Chapman DARPA BIOmarkers of Dynamic Sociocultural Capacities: Integrating Neurotechnologies and Novel Math (BIOSINM)
Kroener NIH Effects of Acamprosate on Alcohol-induced Aberrant Synaptic Plasticity in the PFC
McIntyre NIH Mechanisms of Enhancement of Extinction of conditioned fear by vagus nerve stimulation
Moore UTSW/Rypma Interagency Cooperation Contract
Moore UTSW/Krawczyk Interagency Cooperation Contract
Moore UTSW/Vanneste Interagency Cooperation Contract
Nelson Timberlawn Relations Between Parent-Child Conflict Styles and Children's Biological and Behavioral Well-Being
O'Toole Oak Ridge National Lab Automated Identity Masking
O'Toole University of Maryland Sparse Heterogeneous Representation and Domain Adaptive Matching for Unconstrained Face Recognition
O'Toole NIST Designing a Test of Forensic Facial Identification Experts
Owen UTHSC/NIH Disparities in Self-Regulation and School Readiness: Kindegarten Follow-Up (on campus expenses)
Owen UTHSC/NIH Disparities in Self-Regulation and School Readiness: Kindegarten Follow-Up (off campus expenses)
Park NIH/NIA MERIT: Neuroimaging of Dedifferentiation and Memory Across the Lifespan
Park NIH/NIA Supplement to MERIT: Neuroimaging of Dedifferentiation and Memory across the Lifespan
Park NIH/JHU Normalized Functional MRI in Human Brain Disorders
Pinkham University of Miami Social Cognition in Psychometric Evaluation
Ploski NIH Optimization of Adeno-Associated Virus for the Study of Amygdala Dependent Learning and Memory
Ploski Texas A&M Substrates of Contextual Memory in Far Extinction
Prager Timberlawn Paving the Way to Improved Marital Well-Being
Price Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc. SRA: Complex 1 Inhibitors for the treatment of pain: AMPK activation and behavioral effects in preclinical models
Price/Dussor NIH AMPK Activators for the Treatment of Post-Surgical Pain
Price/Dussor The University of Arizona PAR2 Targeted Drug Discovery for the Treatment of Pain
Price/Dussor NIH Translation Control of Pain Plasticity
Rodrigue NIH Vascular Effects on Normal Neural and Cognitive Aging
Rojas Timberlawn Tracking the early bilingual language growth of spanish-speaking children in Dallas: Impact of exogenous and endogenous factors
Rugg NIMH Retrieval Processing in Human Memory: ERP and fMRI Investigations
Rugg NIH Relationship Between Neural Correlates of Episodic Memory, Age, Memory Performance
Rypma National MS Society Hemodynamic Response Function Changes in Multiple Sclerosis
Sasson NIH Social Cognitive Profiles of Autism and Schizophrenia
Spence, Melanie Timberlawn Mother-Infant vocal interaction and infants' comprehension of vocal and facial emotions
Thompson American Tinnitus Association Developing and Treating Tinnitus by Modulating Neuroplasticity in Hippocampus and Amygdala
Underwood NIH Capturing the Content of Adolescents Facebook Communication
Underwood NIH Social Aggression: Growth and Outcomes and Digital Communications
Warner-Czyz USC/NIH Childhood Development after Cochlear Implantation
Wig DARPA Data Stethoscope for the Brain Connectome
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