The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences


Alternative Assignment

If you select this option, you will be required to write a paper on an empirical research article and following the guidelines described below. Articles must be from approved journals relevant to topics associated with the class. You can access articles and journals electronically via the UT Dallas Library.

Research Review Paper Requirements

Please note that you will not receive credit for a paper that does not meet the requirements outlined below.

  1. Deadline — Papers must be saved electronically in a .doc or .docx format to be uploaded to the assignment portal in the BBS Information Center in eLearning. They must be submitted by the last day of classes shown on the academic calendar for that full-term session. If you have difficulties uploading your paper, contact Lindsey Boeshans before 5:00 PM on the due date.
  2. Content and formatting guidelines — All papers must include the sections described below, and meet the specified formatting guidelines.
  3. Avoid plagiarism — All papers will be reviewed via the Turnitin portal found in the BBS Information Center to assess originality. Recycling of papers, cutting and pasting text, or verbatim use of words or phrases from the article or other student’s papers are unacceptable and considered forms of academic dishonesty. You must paraphrase and appropriately cite all content. These papers are part of a class assignment and held to the same standards of academic integrity. Violations will be reported to your instructor and referred to Judicial Affairs for review. No more than six articles may be completed each semester.

Research Review Paper Guidelines

You must turn in a title page along with your research review paper. All text must be 12 point Times Roman Font, double-spaced, with one inch margins.

TITLE PAGE (1 page)

  • Insert Name — List your name as it appears on the course roster
  • Insert Student ID Number
  • Insert Course Name, Number, Section Number — Example: Introduction to Psychology, PSY 2301-002
  • Insert Name of Instructor
  • Insert Reference Information for the Article — Last name of Author, Initials. (Date of Publication). Title of Article. Title of Journal, Volume, Page Number

SUMMARY and COMMENTS (minimum of 1000 words; maximum of 1200 words — approximately 2 pages). Note: if you do not meet the length requirement for this paper, it will not be accepted for credit.

  • Purpose of the Study (In your own words) — What were the authors studying and why?
  • What did they expect to find (i.e., what were the hypotheses)?
  • Methodology — Review the basic methods. How did they measure what they were studying? What type of people were they studying?
  • Results and Discussion — What did the researchers find? Did the results support or fail to support the authors’ hypotheses? What is the meaning of the results?
  • Personal Reflection — What are your thoughts about the study and the questions asked? Does the study relate at all to your interests or life? What did you learn that was new to you? Is there anything missing? What questions does this study raise for you? Do you have any ideas about how to study this concept differently?

You may combine credits from both research participation and research reviews to satisfy the research exposure credit requirement.

More details on completing the research exposure credit requirement is available on eLearning, in the BBS Information Center within the “My Organizations” section.

Questions about Research Exposure Credits should be directed to Lindsey Boeshans (Office: GR 4.528 — Phone: 972-883-2360)