The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences



We are currently seeking eligible volunteers to participate in our ongoing research studies. Each of our studies provides compensation for your time and effort.

Functioning and Introspective Accuracy in Severe Mental Illness (FIA)

The FIA Project utilizes neuroimaging to examine brain systems involved in introspective accuracy (IA), the self-assessment of abilities and capabilities. This project also aims to understand how impairments in IA relate to real-world functioning. Approximately 30 adults with schizophrenia and 30 adults without any psychiatric diagnoses will participate in the Study.

Investigating Neural Processing of Social Stimuli (PSL/PSE)

The PSL and PSE studies examine neural correlates of psychiatric symptoms using separate longitudinal and experimental designs.

Using the RDOC approach to examine psychiatric symptoms across diagnoses, the PSL study will follow approximately 65 adults receiving outpatient treatment for a DSM-5 diagnosis to track changes in symptoms over time. A subset of these individuals will be asked to participate in neuroimaging to examine brain systems that may correspond to changing symptoms.

The PSE study uses neuroimaging to examine brain systems involved in the expression of sub-clinical symptoms in adults without any psychiatric diagnoses. Approximately 65 adults will be recruited for this study.

Body Perception in Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders

The Body Perception study examines how adults with schizophrenia spectrum disorders utilize the human body to inform social judgments. Approximately 45 adults with schizophrenia and 45 adults without any psychiatric diagnoses will participate.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of our studies, please fill out our form and provide us with some basic information.