Texas Pain Research Consortium

Texas Pain Research Consortium

TPRC Structure

TPRC Structure

All members, officers, and directors shall not and will not be asked to engage in any activity that creates any conflict of interest.

Jin Mo Chung, PhD — UTMB
Ted Price, PhD — UT Dallas

Chairs will represent the consortium and have the executive function of its operation. 2-year terms with Co-Chair moving into Chair position after 2 years.

Non-renewable Board of Directors:

Sal Abdi, M.D. — MD Anderson
Carmen Dessauer, PhD — UTHSC
Pat Dougherty, PhD — UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Greg Dussor, PhD — UT Dallas
Perry Fuchs, PhD — UT Arlington
Ken Hargreaves, D.D.S., PhD — UTHSCSA
Nathan Jeske, PhD — UTHSCSA
Annemieke Kavelaars, PhD — MD Anderson
Volker Neugebauer, M.D., PhD — Texas Tech
Feng Tao, M.D., PhD — Texas A&M
Shao-Jun Tang, PhD — UTMB
Terry Walters, PhD — UTHSC

The Board of Directors will serve as the operations committee of the consortium. 2-year term, elected from nominations or self-volunteer.

External Advisory Board:
Rob Gereau, PhD — Washington University
Cheryl Stucky, PhD — Medical College of Wisconsin
Jon Levine, M.D., PhD — UCSF

The External Advisory Board advises the consortium in regards to its goals and operation. Nominated by the board and asked to serve on a 5-year basis.

Membership — Open to all Texas scientists, clinicians, or other professionals interested in or pursuing pain research at all levels (undergraduate, graduate (including medical) students, postdoctoral fellows, clinical and basic science faculty at medical and undergraduate institutions and private corporations or institutes). Membership application requires an explanation of interest and approval by Board of Directors.

Committees — We propose to form working committees to focus on our set goals (this will open the possibility for setting more goals in the future). The committees will be made up of co-chairs, members of the board of directors and at-large members of the Texas Pain Research Consortium. Committee size will be determined after exploration of the scope of the project and membership interest. Committee membership is not limited to single committees.