(Updated: 2019-Dec-03)

We recommend you follow this guide of activities that need to be completed before attending Texas BEST.

  • Complete Team Registration quickly after your local competition. Our online registration process will email the contact person their Order Confirmation after the contact selects his/her team’s compliance, practice, and marketing presentation time slots.
  • Reserve a time for team photographs.
  • Sign up for the BRIGHT Ideas Symposium Luncheon.
  • Complete the Team Demographics Form and upload it here.
  • Collect Medical, Talent and Liability Release Form (PDF) for your team (all team members, including coaches/mentors). Mail your waivers to the address listed on our Contact Us page or scan/upload at least a week before competition.
  • Upload your project notebook by the listed deadline for your hub.
  • Make your hotel and travel arrangements. If you are booking a bus, check with the company about how long the driver can be on duty without having to take a break. Many states have laws regarding driving-time limitations for bus drivers.
  • Determine one adult who will be responsible for receiving any emergency phone calls that may occur from home while your team is at Texas BEST. Provide that person’s cell phone number to parents, school officials and others as you see fit. Texas BEST and the University of Texas at Dallas cannot be responsible for such calls. In addition, please have the BEST Release Form and Medical Information and Release signed by a parent or guardian, in your possession, in case emergency medical attention is necessary.
  • Be aware of sound levels in the arena.  Teams show a lot of spirit and enthusiasm at the competition — as a result it can get very loud in the arena.  Consider having hearing protection for team members and guests at the event.

Things to know when arriving at the competition site:

  • Check-in:  All teams will need to first check in at Team Registration at the Loading Dock of the Comerica Center in Frisco, Texas (map).  You only need a coach/mentor to do the team check-in, this is also where you will receive Pit Passes to load-in your robot to the pits.  Once receiving the Pit Passes, team members can load robot and game materials into the Pit Area.
  • Marketing Exhibits: If you have a Marketing Exhibit, you can then proceed from the loading dock around the corner to the Frisco Conference Center to unload your exhibits.  A check-in table inside the Frisco Conference Center will have your team’s exhibit location.
  • Parking:  After all unloading is completed, cars should proceed to the parking garage adjacent to the Comerica Center (level 2 or higher); buses can park in the South Surface Lots.  It’s very important to park only in these approved lots; the areas listed as “No Parking” (including the spots at the front of the Comerica Center) are fairly aggressive tow-away zones.
  • Ice-Rink and Pit Area:  The Pit Area and game competition are played above an ice rink; it can get cold in the pits and on the fields.  We suggest wearing warm shoes and having jackets/coats available.  Also, depending on environmental conditions, condensation/moisture can form beneath things covering the floor such as crates, toolboxes, bags, etc.  Consider elevating things on small blocks or stands to avoid condensation issues.
  • Banners:  Teams will be permitted to post spirit banners at the top of the stands in the Dr Pepper Arena except where restricted.  However, note that tape is NOT allowed for posting banners (not even painters tape) We suggest using nylon zip ties or cord to hang banners from available railings.

Texas BEST Conclusion: We have many teams coming from far away that need to leave as soon as possible after Texas BEST comes to an end. We assure you we are conscious of this in putting together the schedule and will do everything possible to stick to our time line. However, the schedule does not always work out as planned. Be aware that the number of competition rounds for the robots may need to be reduced in order to complete Texas BEST on time.