Department of Biological Sciences

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Graduate Advising
The primary concern of the graduate advisors is getting you through your first year, during which you will take your core courses. Together with your advisor, you will map a course of study for each semester so that you register for the appropriate classes. The graduate advisor and graduate administrative staff will help you with information on course prerequisites, course contents, registration, and assistantships (for PhD students). You are encouraged to visit them often during your first year.

Your graduate advisor also is the one to consult if you find yourself in academic difficulty. Your advisor can usually help you make adjustments to get back on track.

Once a PhD student reaches the research phase of study, he/she will be supervised by one of the research faculty who will then guide the student through completion of a dissertation.

MS and PhD Programs in Biological Sciences

Advisor Name Contact Information
Dr. Lawrence Reitzer Lawrence Reitzer
RL 2.706

Nancy Yu Nancy Yu
Graduate Support Assistant
FO 3.606

MS in Biotechnology Program

Advisor Name Contact Information
Dr. Gail Breen Gail Breen
Associate Professor
FN 3.108

Dr. Dennis Miller Dennis Miller
Associate Professor
FO 3.218

Shawanda Dunagin Shawanda Dunagin
FO 3.617
[email protected] 


  • Updated: February 17, 2016