UTD Brand Standards

The University of Texas at Dallas Brand Standards serve a wide range of needs, from those of staff members who photocopy materials to professional designers who create the most elaborate brochures, ads, and Web sites.

Mass Email Checklist

Your name: *
Enter your name.

Your email address: *
Enter your email address.

If you want FROM: address to be different than your own, please specify it (must be an actual email address):

From name:

Email replies should be sent to (only if it is different from the email address listed above):

Subject line of the email: *
Enter the subject.

Brief description of the email message: *
Enter a description of the email.

Who will the email be sent to? (Please be specific: alumni, faculty, staff, students, list of 120 local CEOs...): *
Enter the audience.

How will the email be sent? You may choose more than one: *
Sympa NetCommunity Outlook Fire Engine Red TargetX Other/Unknown
Select a send method.

What is your list name: I have my own list on my computer

How many email addresses will you be sending to? *
Less than 250 251-500 501-1000 1000+ Unknown
Select the number of email addresses.

Will the email include images and text or text only?
Images and text Text only

What is the date of the event (if applicable)?

Send date #1: * Enter a send date.

Send date #2:

Send date #3:

What type of computer do you use?
PC Mac Have both PC and Mac

Please send any files needed to create the email below to [email protected].
If you do not have any, who will provide the content and when?

Would you like to use a template? (Templates can be found at utdallas.edu/brand/email/designs)
If so, please list the template name or URL here.

Other information:

University Web Services
The University of Texas at Dallas
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Richardson TX 75080-3021
[email protected]