Mass Email Process

The following steps are used to process mass email messages from the University that are sent to 500 or more members of the public.

Consult with University Web Services if you are unsure whether you need to engage the mass email process for your message. Production time is 3-5 business days, depending on customization.

Request Content owner submits a request by completing the mass email checklist.
Assignment Mass email is added to the University’s master schedule and assigned to an HTML lead. The content owner provides the copy in a Word document along with selected images to [email protected] for review and editing. A web content editor will be assigned to work on the editing process.
Editing Editor works with content owner(s) to revise content. Once approved, content is sent to HTML lead for design/development.
Build HTML lead works with approved content and requested email template to create the mass email. Once created, HTML lead will test the integrity of the email and fix any bugs.
Review HTML lead sends out a test email to content owner(s) and editors for review. Content owner(s) will provide their feedback to the HTML lead who will make the changes.
Final Review (if necessary) After all feedback has been implemented from the review stage, HTML lead will send a test for final review on emails that have been designated to do this step or at the discretion of the editor. Some examples that require a final review are admissions/enrollment/recruitment emails, Intercom, UT Dallas Magazine and messages from the Office of the President.