Release Forms

The University of Texas at Dallas requires fully executed Talent Release Forms PDF (Multi-user Release Form PDF) before using a person's likeness in photos, videos, CD-ROMs, websites, remarks and written work.

Requests for photographic services should be initiated by completing the Photographic Request Form PDF and submitting it electronically to [email protected].

University Web Services maintains a photo library containing a wide variety of University photos, e.g., students, faculty, research, buildings, events. To retrieve or download photos, contact Web Services at x4995 or email [email protected].

Photographic/Third-Party Video Requests

In order to protect the privacy and safety of UT Dallas students, staff and faculty and guard the reputation of our University, no unauthorized commercial video or photography is permitted on UT Dallas premises. No students, faculty or staff may be photographed or filmed without their express permission and a fully executed photo release PDF. Standard exceptions to this policy apply to gatherings or events, e.g., ceremonies and athletic events, wherein there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. Members of the media are requested to contact the Office of Communications (972-883-2155) to schedule photo, video and interview appointments in advance.

Vendors who have performed work for the University are requested to obtain photographs at the time of the completion of their installation or prior to building occupation and operation. Vendor photography following the date of occupation is strongly discouraged. Exceptions to this policy must be initiated and sponsored by a UT Dallas school, office, department or building manager. In those instances, a written request for photographic permission must be submitted to the Office of Communications at [email protected] for approval. The UT Dallas office sponsoring the request will be responsible for escorting the photographer, obtaining University photo releases as necessary, ensuring the privacy of students, staff and faculty, and underwriting any related expenses or charges.

Research Photography

All research photography must depict participants, equipment and facilities in strict compliance with federal safety guidelines. Appropriate safety equipment and protective covering must be used, e.g., gloves, lab coats and glasses must be clearly visible and appropriate for the people, surroundings and research equipment being photographed. Apparel, e.g., shirts, pants and footwear providing full coverage must also meet compliance standards. Hair should be fastened safely or covered with protective head gear. Equipment must be used according to safety protocols and background material, e.g., chemicals, tanks, etc. should be properly displayed, sealed and/or contained.

Prior to conducting a photo shoot in a lab, research area or clean room, a Research Photography Safety Compliance (RPSC) PDF checklist must be completed and returned to Web Services, AD41 ([email protected]). The research compliance coordinator, Office of Research Compliance, must be advised of the planned photo shoot approximately three days in advance (972-883-4730 or by email). Whenever possible, a safety specialist from the Office of Research will attend photo shoots in person. The RPSC checklist will be reviewed for accuracy by a safety guidelines specialist in the Office of Research prior to the photo shoot. Final photographs will be reviewed for safety approval before uploading in the Photo Library. Photographs that do not meet research safety guidelines will not be included in the Photo Library or accepted for use in print or Web publication.

Photo Captions

Submitted photos should include photo caption information and identification from left to right of any people pictured.

Image Quality

If you uncertain about the usability of a photograph or other graphic element, consult with a designer in the Office of Communications.