UTD Monogram & Emblem

This mark is innately more flexible. It is meant for smaller spaces, online use and other areas where the primary UT Dallas logo would not appropriately fit the space.

UTD monogramsUTD monogram and variations UTD emblemsUTD emblem and variations

The UTD monogram is designed for small spaces where the full UT Dallas mark would be difficult to read. The monogram should be used in conjunction with The University of Texas at Dallas wordmark when used as a primary identifier of the University. The emblem is best suited to spaces where the wordmark is clearly legible; it is an excellent substitute for the University seal, which is restricted to official University documents, presidential communications, diplomas and other commencement collateral.

Monogram Wordmark

monogram wordmark variations3 lines, 2 lines and 1 line variations

The wordmark can be used in either of these three variations depending on space allowances. This single graphic satisfies the requirements to include the full name of the University with the monogram.

Safe Area and Minimum Size Requirements

UTD monogram safe area guidelines

Safe Area
Follow the guidelines above as indicated by the intended x-height to ensure proper distance from other elements.

Monogram Minimum Size Requirements
.25” diameter for print. 18px diameter for web.

Emblem Minimum Size Requirements
1” diameter for print. 100px diameter for web.

Common Misuse

  1. Do not distort the proportion of the monogram.
  2. Do not crop or remove any portion of the monogram.
  3. Do not rearrange any components of the monogram.
  4. Do not rotate the monogram.
  5. Do not attempt to recreate the monogram.
  6. Do not overlay the monogram on images or patterns that negatively affect its legibility.
  7. Do not recolor the monogram.
  8. Do not use a black monogram on a background that is more than 30% gray.
  9. Do not use an orange monogram on a black background.
  10. Do not use a white monogram on a background that is less than 30% gray.
  11. Do not use the UTD monogram to create your own logos. University lockups issued by the Office of Communications are the only allowed logos for use by official University entities.

Visual examples of eleven common misueses.

Color Guidelines

If possible, the monogram, emblem and wordmark should appear in UT Dallas orange. If UT Dallas orange cannot be used, black or white may be used. The two-color versions may only be used on a white background.

The monograms may be used on select colored backgrounds as illustrated below and on photography that provides adequate contrast to the logo.

Correct colors for the UTD monogram, emblem and wordmark. Use white on UT Dallas Orange background. Use black on 0% to 30% gray backgrounds. Use white on backgrounds more than 30% gray. Use white version on UT Dallas Green background. Use two-color versions only on white backgrounds.