Research Posters

The following poster presentation shells have been developed for the convenience of members of the UT Dallas community who need to make presentations of an academic, research or administrative nature. These contain the official branding elements of The University of Texas at Dallas. The presentations have been formatted to allow customization of names of schools, departments and Web addresses; University fonts and logos may not be altered in any way. If you need further assistance with these presentations, contact the Office of Communications at X4701 or [email protected]. The dimension of the posters are 48” x 36”. Poster templates, based on a suggestion from Lucien “Tres” Thompson, PhD, are offered as tools for showcasing research presentations.

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36x48_Trifold_Pwrpnt-v1.pptx (90 KB) 36x48_Trifold_Pwrpnt-v2.pptx (88 KB) 36×48-Pwrpnt-v1.pptx (157 KB)
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36×48-Pwrpnt-v2.pptx (158 KB) 42X56_Pwrpnt_v1.pptx (19.6 MB) Bioboard_1.eps (428 KB)
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Bioboard_2.eps (433 KB) Bioboard_3.eps (426 KB) Bioboard_4.eps (429 KB)
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Bioboard_6.eps (428 KB) Bioboard_7.eps (431 KB) Bioboard_10.eps (1.16 MB)
Bioboard_11.eps (3.81 MB)